P1: Slight adjustments

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’ve decided to make a few small adjustments to the phonology/some of the conceptual issues that I’ve been developing for P1. They are:

1) The dental stop will be spelled <d> instead of <th>.
2) The dental approximant is gone.
3) I’ve added a voiced labiodental fricative /v/.
4) I’ve added a 5 vowel, a high central vowel unspecified for rounding. The vowel will be spelled <y>. It will also occur as a glide.
5) I’m getting rid of the schwa /ə/ and the stressed deal with [e] thing.
6) There’s gonna be some sort of pitch accent involving the final syllable and something. Not completely what it will be yet.
7) Contrary to what I wrote a couple hours ago, there will probably be some word initial consonant clusters. There will be no other consonant clusters.

This leaves the following consonant and vowel inventories:

/p t̞ t k ts v s h m n l ɾ/ p d t k ts v s h m n l r
/i ɨ~ʉ u e o a/ i y u e o a

8) There will be a case system, but I haven’t decided what it will be.


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