P1: A crossroads

April 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

As happens to me a lot, a phonology goes through several stages in the beginning phases of a language. As can be seen from my post last night on some adjustments I’d just made, the phonology is still in a high state of flux. I’ve come to a point where I might be changing a key aspect of the phonology I first posted about, and I’d like some feedback. There are two options:

1) Leave the phonology as it is, plus the changes from yesterday. This would leave coronal harmony in place.
2) Scrap coronal harmony. Move /t̪/ to /d/ and add a voiced labial stop /b/. Also, to compensate further for the lack of coronal harmony, add /ɬ/, perhaps with some kind of remnant coronal relationship with /ts/.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas/feedback about this, I’d really like to here it.


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